Basic Info

Baran, Vladimír MVDr., CSc.

Phone: 0908 990497
Fax: 055/7287842
Date and place of bird:
March 14, 1956, Košice, Slovakia

Ph.D. finished in 1985, Veterinary University, Košice, Department of Pathological Anatomy
thesis - A reaction of cow mammary gland insertion of after polyethylene device

Scientific orientation:
1981 -1985..(Veterinary University) Study on nonspecific defence mechanisms of the mammary gland and development of the new methods for control of mastitis

from 1986.. Study of immunocytochemical methods on electron/light microscopy level

from 1987..(Institute of Animal Physiology, Reproduction dept.) Research in area of functional morphology of nucleolus in cleaving embryo

from 2005 ..(Institute of Animal Physiology, Reproduction dept.)
Research in area of cell cycle signalling in oocyte and cleaving embryo

Branch of science:
Methods of electron and light microscopy (special for oocyte and embryonal cells)
Labeling techniques of immunohistochemistry on light and electron microscopy level
Techniques of in vitro culture of cleaving embryos.

Specialized training obtained in:

1 month
University of Veterinary Sciences,
Department of Pathological anatomy, Laboratory of Electron Microscopy, Budapest, Hungary

1 year
Institute of Experimental Medicine, Laboratory of tissue cultures, Prague, Czech Republic

2 years
I.N.R.A., Unité de Biologie Cellulaire et de Microscopie Electronique, Jouy-en-Josas, France

3 months
F.A.L. Institute für Tierzucht und Tierverhalten, Mariensee, Germany
1 month
Veterinärmedizinischen Universität, Institute für Tierzucht, Vienna, Austria

4 years .. to be continue
Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics,
Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic, Liběchov, Czech republic