Laboratory of animal microbiology

Our laboratory is focused on the isolation, characterization of bacteriocin-producing probiotic bacteria in the representants of Firmicutes from different food-producing animals and social animals as well. Selected strains are tested in model experiments and in farms with the aim to support/protect animals health. We characterized bacteriocin produced by ruminal strain Enterococcus faecium CCM4231 (our isolate) as first and also a new type of Ent- Ent M was described produced by our strain E. faecium AL41. After application of this strain but also those others selected and/or their Ents, antimicrobial effect was noted, increased phagocytic activity e.g. in broiler rabbits, but also in different types of poultry, ostriches involving, in dogs, horses; in rabbits decrease of Eimeria oocysts was also noted. Oxidative status and biochemical parameters were not negatively influenced; reparative ability of enterocytes was also increased. E. faecium EF2019 (CCM7419) and Lactobacillus fermentum (CCM 7421) are a part of the products ProRabbit and ProBiodog.

Instrumental facility:

  • Automatic diluter of bacterial samples Eddy Jet for polo-automatic dilution (1:1000) and inoculation of agar plate due to microinjection
  • Hemanalysator Cell-Dyn 3700, Abott lab., Slovakia s.r.o.-it is functioning with combination of impedenciy and laser flow cytometry.
  • Laminary microbiological safe cultivating box LABOX MB120 (Czech Republik)
  • Anaerobic cultivating box BACTRON (She Lab, Sheldon Manufacturing Inc., USA)
  • A big volume autoclave Systec DB-90, Biotech Czech Republik)
  • Biofermentor Sartorius –to prpepare bacterial biomass
  • Microscope Motic

Personal staff:

Name / PositionE-mailPhone
Bino, Eva MVDr., PhD.
Kandričáková, Anna RNDr., PhD.
Lauková, Andrea MVDr., CSc.
leading scientific researcher
Melišová, Dana
Pogány Simonová, Monika MVDr., PhD
senior researcher
Strompfová, Viola MVDr., DrSc.
senior researcher
Ščerbová, Jana RNDr., PhD.